Wednesday, June 3, 2009

3 Dog Practice + 1

All three dogs had some agility practice time last night.

I set up the weaves, jumps, and tunnels. The back yard is nearly completely dry which will open up our playing space significantly. I need to make some more jumps (I only have two) and I plan on making some hoopers to work on with Bug.

Bug went first and worked on start-line stays, jumps, and sending to the tunnel. This was the first time in a while I have practiced with him in the in-laws' back yard and he was really focused. I am so pleased!! You might recall last time we tried to practice in the back yard I very nearly lost him to a softball game 200 yards away and through a creek! Those eyes - they see everything.

Ike was next. His weaves are rocking. He LOVES practicing SO much. I practiced sending him over the jumpes to the tunnel from quite a distance and he nailed it repeatedly until he ran out of steam. Such a fun boy. And need I tell you how happy it makes him to play agility?

On to Carmie. The light has changed enough that where I set up the equipment the sun was a none-issue. Perfect! Carmie had some really nice weave poles. However as she got tired (I am guessing that is what was going on) she did start to skip/miss a pole or entry. We ended on a high note with the weaves and had much more success than failure. I did practice sending her to the tunnel (and she does well with that), but what I really need to do is get the teeter out and practice sending her from the teeter to a jump. Sending to jumps is where we run into some troubles.

All in all I feel really good about the mini-practice session and I had SUPER happy dogs. I even played with Joey, the evil Yorkie, and to be honest I don't think I have ever seen him so happy! We went over some 4" jumps and I introduced him to the tunnel (straight and shortened).

Every dog was grinning by the end and so was I.


Lola said...

We've finally pulled out all of our equipment after the yard dried, too, and it's great to be practicing at home again.

Stella's getting acquainted with the contacts and loves the tunnels!

Jules said...

I am so excited ot have equipment out again - can't wait until I feel confident about LEAVING it out!

Go Stella!