Sunday, June 14, 2009


Yesterday I brought Bug and Ike to my friend Marie's house to play on her contacts.

I brought Ike because I thought he would like to get out and have a run about. I ran Ike through the Jumpers course Marie had set up a couple of times. He nailed his set of 12 weaves and seemed to be having a good time. I stopped while he was happy!

I brought Bug out to Marie's ring where the standard course is set up. I stretched him and did some massage. I started with just the A-frame. Bug tried to run around the A-Frame the first time, but after that was 100% committed to all the contact obstacles. I was sure to verbally reward him and click him in the down contact.

We did tire, jump, jump, dogwalk, tunnel, a-frame (or something like that); And then reversed it. Bug is VERY hesitant about the tire. Not fearful, just not sure if he is supposed to jump through the tire or go through the tire frame and the tire. So, we practiced the tire a couple more times. Bug seemed to get tired pretty quickly between the work and the sun, so I did not push it.

While Marie went to get her toy poodle, Spritey so that she could play with the boys, I stretched Bug. We settled down to have some sweets, coffee, and a chat. Marie let me run Spritey through the Jumpers course a couple of times which was super fun. She is like a little race car - she handles very nicely!!

After we left Marie's I brought Bug to the Dirty Dawg Wash for a bath.

A very tiring and fun day (except for the bath part, says Bug).

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