Tuesday, June 9, 2009

CPE Nationals

Saturday morning I got up bright and early to head out to volunteer at the CPE Nationals which were held at the Franklin County Fairgrounds in Greenfield, MA.

It ended up being a gorgeous day – although a bit hot for the dogs.

The trial had six rings running concurrently and the workers schedule was a masterpiece (mind-boggling initially)! I worked 4 classes – two in the morning and two in the afternoon. In the morning I worked hospitality and ribbons, in the afternoon I worked as a bar setter for two different classes. Typically I hate working as a bar setter, but in this instance it gave me an opportunity to watch two classes uninterrupted and as luck would have it one of the classes had a bunch of Schnauzer friends in it!

It was really fun to watch dogs from all over the country, of all levels (Level 2 thru Level C) compete. I feel you can almost always tell who also plays NADAC with their pups.

The two classes I worked as a bar setter for were Standard and Jumpers. I wish I worked Jackpot. In Jackpot (Gamblers), out of 600-plus dogs, only 34 or 36 qualified! Here is a copy of the course map – definitely worth playing around with at home.

Classes were finished by 5pm. I hung around for a BBQ with friends and club members and then headed home.

I had left Ike with my in-laws and Bug with Katrin. This was the first time I had left Bug home since he came to live with me. I was a wreck about it. However, he and I both survived and he seems to have had a great time running around like a goon with Katrin’s boys. Katrin kindly allowed me to pick him up late Saturday night and I had the in-laws drop Ike off, so the whole family was together again to snooze and relax on Sunday.


Sara said...

I've heard from agility classmates, who went to the nationals, about that jackpot course! Those handlers who did Q that course, must be feeling pretty good about themselves!

My teacher is threatening to make us practice it in class...thanks for the preview copy!

Jules said...

Yes, it was a toughie! Every dog that Q'd got a HUGE cheer from the onlookers. :-)

Brenna said...

Hi! I'm putting some info on Clean Run's magazine online forum about the CPE Nationals and I'm wondering if you can send me this course via email (it's too small here, and if possible, give me a quote about what you thought about the event (or let me use one from your blog). The trick is, I need it by tonight (Thursday night) or tomorrow morning. Sorry for the short notice - I didn't think to google the CPE Nationals until a few minutes ago :) There's so little info anywhere about it! Anyway, if you can help, my email addy is brennafender (at) yahoo (dot) com. (put that together)