Saturday, June 27, 2009

Dog Show

Today I had Bug entered in a show at Wrentham - just down the street, outdoors, and with the sun SHINING! Unfortunately, we did nothing.

The good news is that even though I haven't made it to handling classes recently I feel like I handled him much better. He stacked on the table very nicely for me and I held my leash in a position other than heel position! And to top it off, all the dogs were naked; Bug actually had the most coat left.

We totally failed the down and back - Bug was hip-hopping, so the judge asked us to do it again - and we did - without any hip-hopping along. Truly that is the only thing was was sub-par, and I think it was because Bug was feeling good.

I have noticed that since we did the moving series of adjustments (with our chiropractor) Bug can extend his left rear leg/judge side much better. We were dealing with a creepy foot before; I would move it into place and he would creep it forward and kick it out. Ugly!

I am thinking of entering him in two shows the first weekend of August - Greenfield, MA and Keene, NH. If so I have the whole month of July to commit to handling classes. I really wish Kerry (the woman who's drop-in classes we attend) had time to do privates.

I have to admit, I really don't enjoy showing. The people I have met and seen repeatedly at the local shows are incredibly supportive and I am so appreciative of that. Today one of them commented that she thought it was my nerves not Bug's that is getting in the way. I am sure she is right.

In general I don't find it fun, I find it stressful. I think agility is SO much easier!! I even find herding less stressful, and herding is HARD.

Anyway, it was not a bad day. I feel like Bug and I worked fairly well together, it wasn't raining, and the location was only a half-hour a way from home! How can you beat that?

Bug says, "You can't."


Jenn said...

LOL - and I found the breed ring easier on whole to deal with compared to agility! Even though Steeler never did anything in the breed ring ...

If you really want to do some privates on breed handling email Esther - she will do that ... When I was going to handling class up at MP She filled in several times for whoever was doing it then - I can't remember her name.

Anyway - glad Bug is looking better! And that the people there have been supportive. That isn't always the case! :-)

Blue said...

One of these days your handsome boy will pick up those last couple of points :)

Jules said...

Jenn: I might have a friend show him. We're going to try and coordinate attending Kerry's class together so she can play with him.

Blue: I hope so!!