Thursday, June 4, 2009

Reactive Beagle Times 2

This morning we ran into the new reactive beagle in the neighborhood. He’s older, although not old, and obviously a rescue (aren’t many Beagles?). The Beagle started baying and pulling to get to my boys the second he spotted them and the owner kept edging closer to us. I totally lost my connection with the boys and they started barking as well. Over the din the Beagle owner asks if it is okay for them to meet. I said, 'I don’t think it is a good idea right now where they are at the ends of their leashes and so amped up.'

It was not an auspicious start to the day.

As we continued our walk, I felt pretty terrible that my boys had this outburst. Gah, not good at all. So, I was a little down and starting to beat myself up. We spotted the reactive beagle again (we were walking on a cul de sac). I immediately put my boys into sits and started click and treating for looking at the baying beagle and refocusing on me. Success. No outbursts. I kept them focused on me.

As I walked home I realized that many years ago I would have foolishly said, “Sure” when she asked if the dogs could meet. Now-a-days I see tight leashes and amped up dogs and say, “No.” C/T to me.

I think I will go knock on her door some weekend soon and ask if she wants to let the dogs meet in a more neutral manner. I feel bad, she is a new owner saddled with a dog who is WAY over stimulated by other dogs. It’s a lonely feeling to have a dog who doesn’t “behave” in the manner we humans have deemed proper. I might try to subtly ask her where she is training with him, too.


Lola said...

My aussies are horrors and react to every single dog they meet when they are near their home or at our training facility. Very embarrassing. They think they own the place.

Everywhere else, out on walks, they are perfect angels. They can see a dog coming at them and just keep right on walking. Drives me crazy.

Dawn said...

That is a really nice thing to do. The lady may not understand the reason you said no, but training the person goes a long way in training the dog and maintaining friendly neighbors! Jackpot CT to you.

Jules said...

It helps to have dogs that act like horrors on ocassion - it makes you more empathetic!

Thanks, Dawn!!

Blue said...

It sounds like she got in over her head when she adopted the Beagle. I bet the Beagle owner would really appreciate it if you stopped by. It's not easy to have the crazy dog in the neighborhood!

Good for you getting the boys to stay settled the second time you came across the Beagle. :)