Monday, June 1, 2009

Saturday Chances

Not a single Novice dog Q'd on this course. The Open distance challenge was slightly more difficult - no dogs Q'd. I think 2 dogs Q'd in Elite. Carmie did get 9, that's about it! :-) Please excuse my copy!


101mutts said...

That does look really hard. Especially the send from 3 to 4 without taking 7. Looks like a dog with good distance would be able to go to 3 to 4 but it might be hard to pull them back. And for a dog without lots of distance skills, eeks! Or do you not have to worry about the line for 3 to 4?

Dawn said...

It sure seem sto me that novice courses are harder lately than they have been in the past. I dont mind challenges, but when so few dogs actually qualify it makes me wonder.

Nancy said...

It was a really tough one! I didn't get the Elite Chances either :(. I think Chances overall are getting longer and more difficult. Lots more distance training in our future this summer for sure.
Nancy and Stewie

manymuddypaws said...

what side of the jump is 5 on? was it a threadle? So in chances you have to do the course without going over the line right?

Jules said...

Shaya, You do have to worry about the line for 3-4-5.

Dawn and Nancy - I agree. Chances does seem tougher lately. Not necessarily a bad thing - just have to work a lot harder on our distance skills, right?! :-P

Amanda, Sorry - that is poor course drawing by me. 5 is on the other side - it is not a threadle. And yes, you must handle from the other side of the line. I wish I'd copied the Elite map I forget where the line was, but it was tough!

I actually did think it was possible when I walked it, but I don't think I handled it confidentally and Carmie was sticking close by.

manymuddypaws said...

i think it looks pretty good then- now that I know that's not a threadle from a distance! it seemed weird so I kind of assumed it wasn't.

anyway, I think you probably are right about the confidence- and your dog would need to have the momentum before getting out there.

i don't play a lot of nadac- can you tell?!

John Heffernan said...

In VT on Saturday, no elite or open Qs in Chances. It was really hard. Sunday was much better. Wyatt and I got our very first Elite Chances Q. The map did not look too bad to me but I guess I am more accustomed to the difficulty of Elite Chances now. Where was this trial?

Jules said...

Congrats on your first Elite Chances Q - that is awesome. This was the Addicted to Agility Trial (5/30 & 5/31) in Wrentham.

Honestly, when I walked it I thought it was doable.