Friday, June 19, 2009

This and That

Tuesday night Carmie had class. The class focused on distance and discrimination (with a lovely tunnel/A-Frame discr.). I felt like it was a tough class. I suppose part of the reason it was tough is because there was “switch” involved. As I have stated, we suck at “switch.” So, between our first run and our second run I practiced “switch” with Carmen on the flat. She did better her second run (different course).

It was also pointed out that I need to pay attention to WHERE my feet are POINTING – not just where they are, but where they are pointing. This is especially pertinent since Carmie is such a shorty.
It was a good class. I am really enjoying the distance and discrimination challenges as I want more of those skills!

Wednesday night I took Bug to the chiropractor. He held his adjustments and wasn’t tight. Hooray! I brought my Egg Ball, lo and behold on the ball his pelvis was out. Cheryl adjusted him on the ball – Bug could have cared less. He thinks the ball is SUPER. I suppose he thinks this because lots of cookies happen on it? I actually have to be very careful once he is off the ball that I have blocked it from his access or he will try to hop right back up on it!

Tonight I planned on going to my friend Carol’s house to work on contacts with Bug. However, it is raining – much like it has been raining for … I no longer know how long. Since Bug is still recovering from iliopsoas injury, I do not want to risk running him on wet contacts. This is actually something I will need to think about in the future too. Given his long back, once he starts trialing, will I run him in the rain? I am not sure I would want to risk him slipping and tearing something. I know this can happen when it isn’t raining, but it is much more likely when it is raining.

Tomorrow Act-Up is hosting run-thrus in Seekonk. If the rain lets up I will bring both Carmen and Bug and run them. When the club put Contact-A-Coat on their A-Frame we also did the A-Frame at the Seekonk facility, so that would be another A-Frame for Bug to experience.

Paws crossed the rain stops sometime soon. It’s June!!

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Diana said...

I agree. I dont think I would run my dog in the rain. Did you see the downpour at the USDAA regionals in Pa? No way would I have run my dog. I saw someone trying to run a corgi. The dog kept stopping to shake off all the rain. after 3 or 4 stops between jumps, she gave up and picked up her dog.