Thursday, July 16, 2009

Handling Class - with a New Handler

Yesterday I took Bug to Kerry's handling class and Cat handled him. I have officially given up on handling and am trying to find other people to handle my dog for me. I wanted to try handling. I wanted to like handling and have it as a skill in my "tool box." However, the truth is I find handling (even class) really stressful and I think I am very likely holding my dog back!

I have hired Kerry to show Bug at the beginning of August and am playing future dates by ear.

Last night, I did the first run-thru with Bug and finally discovered how to get "ears" from my boy. Tossing and catching a treat ensured Bug did not move and gave me beautiful ears. It figures, just as I am giving up trying to make handling work for me I figure out how to make the boy give me ears! ;-) Granted I would probably not be coordinated enough to do this in the ring with a judge standing there!

I took some video last night of Cat and Bug (good thing Bug's name isn't Mouse). I thought he looked pretty good for her - better then he does for me (I think)! He does HATE to have his rear legs touched while he is on the ground. He doesn't mind on the table, but on the ground - watch out or you have a sitting corgi.

Cat said he was great for her as long as he could see me. The second I was out of sight - where the table would be and you stack your dog - he went all Eeyore on her. Very good to know for shows.

Hopefully some of the video will be decent and I can post it later tonight. The facility where the handling class is has very poor lighting (in my Carmen-influenced opinion) - so I am not sure how it came out. (A friend of mine recently said she thought they really ought to set up tables with candles on them there!)


Dawn said...

I love handling in the conformation ring and really suck at agility. Too bad we cant swap dogs occasionally. Magic would love an agility handler who has a clue!

Jules said...

Seriously! I have had lots of my friends say it is fun, but for me...not so much. Now agility, I feel comfortable with!

penni said...

Many dogs do not like their hocks and feet touched, but will allow you to place the hind feet/legs by grasping the stifle -- Cat might try that with the Bug. She also needs to find a world beater treat (rotisserie chicken?) for the show ring. That way he knows when he sees her he is going to get the really good stuff. Hopefully it will help with his presence, including ears.

Jules said...

He does seem to like her. :-) Of course, he is a flirt.

Yesterday I gave her cheese, Lasch Kronch Salmon, and home-made (not by me) venison/llama jerky! I saw lots of wagging and happiness. Paws crossed some of the video came ou tdecent.