Sunday, August 23, 2009

B-O-R-I-N-G, Allergies, and Chiro

N-O-T-H-I-N-G has been all.

Primary focus at the moment is on showing Bug in breed.

We have been working on basic skills at home and I will probably do some teeter work today, but other than that....not much going on.

Bug is displaying signs of seasonal allergies - weepy eyes and itching his paws. I bathed him yesterday and started him on a homeopathic combination remedy called Pollen Bomb from Pets4Homeopathy. I hope it is effective.

We saw Cheryl, our chiropractor on Wednesday. Bug's pelvis and all of his back was in alignment. This is no small feat for a corgi. He is getting back to his tough little self. Yay, Buggie!

I did gait him for Cheryl because I felt like his hasn't been jumping up on the bed (the biggest jump he needs to make) quite as easily and when Cheryl saw him at the ASCA trial she felt his right foreleg was a bit sore. We opted to do a moving gait adjustment (which is a series of at least two adjustments) and I feel like he is moving better.

I brought Ike because I suspected he wasn't in alignment. His pelvis was out! I don't think Ike has lost his pelvis since he started seeing the homeopathic vet! And he hasn't been sick. I think it might be because I have been slacking on his homeopathic remedy because he has been doing so well.

Next week I will be bringing all three dogs. I am fairly certain Carmen's pelvis is out. She was being a little funny about contacts last time she was on them and she has had two bouts of v/d.

Today I have grooming the Schnauzer and Yorkie on my plate (joy!) and teeter work. Like i said, B-O-R-I-N-G!


Cat, Tessie, & Strata said...

I'm going to have to investigate this here "Pollen Bomb". I am starting to think most of Strata's allergies are environmental, and he's getting worse, although he doesn't seem to be in any distress -- he's red and funny looking, but not itchy.

Have fun grooming! That's what's on the agenda for me in the coming days... the dogs have a party to look good for :P

Cat, Tessie, & Strata said...

...actually, if you could e-mail me some info on Pollen Bomb, that'd be super, because The Google is failing me! :(

Jules said...

Cat, I'll e-mail you the info.

Sara said...

Do a post in a few weeks about how the pollen bomb is working out...Oreo gets itchy allergies at this time of year, and I'd like to find something to give him a bit of relief.

Jules said...

Sara, I will let you know. Right now I am already seeing a decrease in the weepies - in fact his eyes aren't weeping at all! However I need to wait and see if that is due to the remedy or the bath! ;-)