Sunday, August 30, 2009

Carmie in Class

Today I had a free Sunday and was able to take Carmie to Katrin's class. Unfortunately we got our signals crossed and I thought class was at 2:30. It is at 3:30. So Carmie joined the Foundation class and Katrin gave us exercises to work in that.

First we worked distance on the teeter. Carmen does NOT have a wait on the teeter. I also noticed if I ask her to wait on the teeter and then release her she goes off crooked. Basically jumping off the side. Hmmm...

Katrin had me go in and treat her when I asked her for a wait. She noticed that I was treating the creep! I was not bringing the treat directly to Carmie and she was having to creep for it. Talk about reinforcing behaviors you don't want.

So, there is definitely some work I can do at home with Carmie and the teeter. I might practice having her run the plank - which I'll be doing with Bug - to see if that helps the crooked business. It isn't a big deal because most instances where we see the teeter I can support her. However, I'd like to work on the skill.

Next we worked on distance on the dog walk. There was a series of 4 jumps and then I was able to get at least 10' away from the dog walk, if not more, and have Carmie correctly complete it. When she is in alignment, BOY does she like her contacts.

After the dogwalk sequence, Katrin tried to have me put some distance on the jumps leading up to the dog walk. Ugh. In a little more than a month we have surely lost our edge!! I haven't been doing a lot at home and it shows. I REALLY had to support Carmie. She sat down in front of me! Eventually we did the first two jumps and tossed the treat toward the third. Unfortunately it was a beef treat which blended nicely with the floor. Ah well.

To end we did three jumps leading into two sets of six weave poles. First time through Carmie had nice weaves although I swear I held my breathe! Coming back she had some difficulty with a pole that was white in the second set of six - she kept missing it. She did finally get it though.

So, it was a good class. It is amazing how much you lose by not having a place to practice at home and not having a group class to attend on a regular basis.

Carmie got to meet Sandy's Aussie Tedy and, oh boy, did she like him. She was spinning and about to do the Schnauzer grapple with him! Sandy hypothesised that maybe she likes Tedy because he is intact. Definitely a possibility. I was thinking about it now, though, and she spends a LOT of time with Bug (who is intact) and in more than a year has only tried to play with him once. I think she plain ol' had a crush on Tedy!!


101mutts said...

With my dogs it's just the opposite. They do better on their first class back, after a break.

Katrin said...

It was great to see you 2 again in class. Sorry if I gave you the wrong time, my brain must have been somewhere else. Eitherway, I hope you got something out of today. You did a good job.

Jules said...

Yes, we had a good time! And hey, now Carmie has a new boyfriend. :-)