Thursday, August 27, 2009


All the dogs saw the chiropractor last night.

Carmen had lost her pelvis. This is not surprising considering her reaction to contacts lately and the GI issues she has been having. The funniest thing was when Cheryl was adjusting some digestive points in her lower back....Carmie burped!! Cheryl said that was a first. It makes sense though.

Ike lost his pelvis again (from LAST week). :-(

I suspect this is all my fault. He is taking a constitutional remedy and I have been SLACKING in administering it because he's been doing so well. I will schedule a call with the homeopathic vet and see what he thinks (and I have started administering his remedy regularly again).

Bug held all his adjustments!!! He doesn't need to see his girlfriend Cheryl for quite some time. Yippee!! Yahoo!!

And.....tomorrow Bug is being shown in Cumberland, Maine. Gulp!


Dawn said...

Good luck tomorrow. Bug is a nice boy and hopefully the judge will look his way! I will be watching for updates.

Jules said...

Thanks, Dawn. I *HOPE* so, I *HOPE* so!!

Dawn said...

I have been thinking good thoughts today. Any news?

Jules said...

Dawn, you are so kind. Bug went RWD today behind a nice dog. This is the most Cardigans I have seen at a show (and Bug was really excited about it)! Bug showed REALLY well. I am hoping he shows even better tomorrow!!