Sunday, August 2, 2009

Keene, NH

Bug showed 200% better today for Kerry than he did yesterday!

Alas, no point for us today. We are pretty sure the judge dumped him for his front. Hopefully we will find more judges that like Bug's head and expression!

After the show we stopped in at my mum's and Bug got to play with his favorite girlfriend Nellie!

And finally, here are some gratuitous pictures of my mum's flowers. Her hydrangea is LOVING this wet weather.


Sara said...

Sorry about the points :( Congrats on your point from yesterday though!

Love the blue hydrangea. They are my favorite.

penni said...

No flower photos are gratituitous -- I love them since all my flowers have been uprooted and brought inside via the dog door. So post flower photos anytime!

Blue said...

I'm glad Bug was more relaxed with Kerry even if he didn't pick up any more points.

The flowers are beautiful!

Dawn said...

Great that Bug was more relaxed. Only 2 points to go, its do-able. Congrats on a good weekend.

ann-and-partner said...

Beautiful pictures Julie!