Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Last night I snuck in a quick agility practice before the sun set.

With Carmen I worked weave poles. They were okay. I think the lighting was already changing for Carmie.

Ike played with the weaves and teeter. Good gods does he love to play agility....in the backyard!

Bug worked on the teeter. Amanda is correct that Bug does not find the teeter as scary if I have the ascending side up on the table, not the descending side. He hops up on the table and (at this point) walks the teeter down. Interesting!!

I have to make my table more stable. It is homemade and was made for a 17# dog, not a 34# dog! I am afraid it will collapse and freak Bug out about the teeter more!!

In general I plan on waiting to do anything with Bug until after the outdoor breed shows are done. Last night I got a little bit antsy. I wanted to train! I HATE being out of group classes. It is a major bummer.

Cumberland is this Friday, Saturday. Gulp!


Cat, Tessie, & Strata said...

My table has a PVC base and is really sturdy... might be a good option for you. If the top of your table is still good, you can salvage it and just attach it to the PVC base.

The base cost perhaps $20 to make and was a pretty easy project.

Jules said...

Will you e-mail me a link to the directions? I need to upgrade!