Tuesday, September 1, 2009

BEGGING for a Job

The boys and I have had a pretty lazy summer. My grandmother died in April and I pretty much petered out of classes after that (except for agility - and even that I cut down on).

Well, this lovely fall weather has me in mind of going back to school and apparently the dogs feel the same way! They have been complete nudges - BEGGING for work. So work they shall get!

I e-mailed Ike's Rally-O instructor to see if she has room in her class. Class started last night but I can join next week. Ike will be so happy.

The Buglet is going to take a basic manners class. I do not feel comfortable doing agility with him until he has lost some of the weight. And the truth is, I need to be in class in order to keep myself honest and practice on the basics. The thing I am looking forward to most is practicing our recall (which is currently sub-par) and seeing how the class is run. I have never taken a Basic Manners class at this facility so it will be interesting to see what's the same and what is different.

So the boys and I will be back in school next week with all the kiddies. Now I just need to sort out Ms. Carmie's situation and we'll be golden.

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Sara said...

Hasn't the weather been great? My two furballs have been much more lively since the cool weather has come in. No more laying around in the shade all day. They want to play.

Sounds like you will be busy. I'm sure your dogs will love it!