Sunday, September 6, 2009


Yesterday John and took the dogs for a hike at Borderland. It was a beautiful day and the dogs had a blast. Bug likes Borderland because he can go wading and cool off after his hike!

We hiked for a little over an hour and Bug was trucking along. It is funny, Ike usually walks beside me or behind me while Bug prefers to lead. The other funny thing to notice was the different hiking styles the two boys have. Ike is a billy goat and will hop off rocks. Bug is very good at finding the smoothest path - the path with the least resistance. John thinks this is because Bug is so close to the ground he can see the path more clearly.

I think this hike convinced John that Bug is a good hiker and we are thinking about taking a hiking vacation next year (YAY!!). Perhaps going to the White Mountains, the Adirondacks, or Shenandoah with both boys.

After our hike yesterday we stopped at Crescent Ridge and I got an ice cream I could share with the boys. Coconut! I had never tried it before and it was delicious.


Diana said...

I love hiking with my dogs. My dogs take the easier path too. If there are a bunch of roots in the path, they will go high or low to not have to step over all the roots. It always makes me laugh. Its part of the reason I take them hiking. I want them to lift their feet more. Lol Dogs, always thinking. Diana

Sara said...

Misty likes to stray behind, and Oreo has lead the way when we hike. If there is mud, they have to walk thru it! Ugh. Dogs.

Coconut ice cream sounds delicious!