Thursday, October 29, 2009

Beyond Basics #7

Tuesday night Bug graduated from Beyond Basics.

We practiced our stays, loose leash walking, and recalls. All-in-all I think Bug and I got a ton out of this class. Canine Mastery has a class that takes place outdoors at shopping centers and various locations. I forget what the name of it is, but I think I will put my name on the list for when they it next (they do not schedule it until they have at least six participants). I think that would be a fun class to do with Bug.


Sara said...

Congratulations to Bug. That's a really cute diploma.

Someone I work with is taking a "tails on trails" class right now, where they talk there dogs to all different kinds of public places to practice their skills. Sounds like a great class.

Diana said...

Congrats! They next class sounds great. I wish we had classes like that here. Diana

Jules said...

That sounds a lot like the premise of this class. I think it might be called Outdoor Adventures? Not sure.

I just e-mailed to put my name on the waiting list for it. I was surprised by home much fun I had working on the basics with Bug.

I think I would also like to do a Control Unleashed class with him.

Holly said...

How did I miss this? Good boy Bug!

Blue said...

Congrats to Bug!

I only made it to the first CU class I'd signed Iris up for and then dropped out of it because of the car. But, I got A LOT out of just that one class. Emma has been emailing everyone notes after each class and just from reading the notes, it sounds like an excellent class.