Sunday, October 4, 2009

Human Weaves

I had a difficult time describing the first exercise from my Beyond Basics class Tuesday (loose leash walking with distractions). Imagine my surprise when I received the October Whole Dog Journal yesterday and the very same exercise is described (much better I might add) in the article "Passing Fancy: How to teach your dog to calmly walk on-leash past other people, other dogs, bicyclists, name it!" by Pat Miller.

Excerpt from the article:

We set up the teams six to eight feet apart in an open meadow with the dogs on a sit-stay or down-stay. One at a time, the handlers ask their dogs to heel, weaving in and out of the living weave poles. As each canine and human pair takes their place at the end of the row, another pair walks by them.

As Sara mentioned in a comment there is also an article called Rally Obedient Dogs that I am looking forward to reading!

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