Friday, October 16, 2009

Last Outdoor Trial of the Year...

...and we had snow flurries this morning! Eeek. Massachusetts should not have snow in mid-October. brrr!!

The weather forecast does not look great the Act-Up Agility trial this weekend. Cold and Wet....

Saturday I have Bug entered in Jumpers and Carmie in Open Jumpers and Nov. Regular (2). I am leaving mid-day to attend the first of a two part workshop on Animal Communication. I have wanted to explore Animal Communication for a while and this workshop is taking place in the town next door at The Healing Moon for a very reasonable price.

Sunday, I have Bug entered in Jumpers and Tunnelers, and Carmie entered in Open Jumpers, Nov. Regular (2), and Open Tunnelers.

The whole weekend could end up being a bust. If it is raining I do not plan on running Bug. I don't feel like risking an injury with him. Depending upon how gray it is, Carmie may not be able to see.

We will be playing it by ear and trying to stay warm. One sure fire way to stay warm is to work lots!

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Sara said...

They are predicting snow here tonight. Yikes!

Good luck this weekend. Can't wait to hear about the animal communication workshop.