Monday, October 26, 2009

Odd Ike Rally-O

Ike and I had Rally-O tonight. He was a bit off. He worked the stations well, but was easily distracted by crumbs, signs, cones, and the broad jump. I also found him to be more reactive prior to our run-through.

The second run-through Ike stopped mid-course because Amy's human father came to pick her up and Ike heard his voice. Eeek!

What is interesting is I left him in the car until after we had walked. I used to bring him in without issue, but lately he has begun barking in his crate during the walk through. This is a new behavior for Ike and I am not sure what is prompting it. Currently I am going on the assumption that it is stress related. I suppose it could also be demand barking? Either way, until I have time to deal with it properly I do not want him reinforcing himself by barking rudely. So, I left him in the car. I am not sure if leaving him in the car contributed to his increased reactivity or not.

I am still not 100% and forgot to write down the course. In part this was because I wanted to give Ike my undivided attention - he seemed like he needed it.

The positives - our down, walk around dog was GREAT as was our About Left Turn!

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Sara said...

Oh Ike reminds me so much of Oreo. Constantly a puzzle. Glad you had some positives.