Thursday, November 5, 2009

Animal Communication Seminar: Part 1

Tuesday night I attended part one of a two part seminar on Animal Communication. I am not speaking about communication between the species but telepathically between animals and humans. :-) The “woo-woo” stuff. I have been really interested in this for some time – especially because Ike speaks to me and I do not always listen. Once in a while I hear Bug.

I have used Animal Communicators in the past with Ike and recently used one with Bug when he was recovering from Lyme. That reminds me that I should e-mail the Jessica and let her know something she mentioned in the communication has come to fruition. She did a body scan to let me know if there was anything I should be aware of. She mentioned Bug’s liver seemed tender (at the time he had just finished the doxy for Lyme and I had just taken him off milk thistle), so I did another 30 days of milk thistle. She also mentioned that his front and forearms felt stilted to her. At the time it just worried me, however since then he has been stiff after herding and come to find out his bicipital tendons are tender!

I cannot do a blow-by-blow of the animal communicator seminar and do it justice. Prior to attempting to connect with any animals Carolyn, the instructor, had us do an exercise. She handed everyone a handful of cotton balls, which are supposedly excellent energy conductors. While she read a meditation we were to breathe deeply and visualize something. Then we passed our cotton balls to a neighbor and did a similar meditation with their cotton balls – to see if we could pick anything up. When I was handed my neighbor’s cotton balls I immediately thought/saw blue; while I was holding them my palms tingled.

We then went around the room and talked about what came to us. Carolyn said when you get a color like that it can often be related to the chakra – in this case blue is the throat chakra. My neighbor definitely was not a believer and I think was there to humor her sister. It was pretty obvious the entire thing was making her uncomfortable.

Then we swapped pictures and did another meditation. My picture was a 10 month old cat named Mittens. At first I did not think I was getting anything, but I wrote down everything that came into my head.

Salmon – crunchy
A window looking out on a moderately busy street
One of those toys that is a stick with feathers or strings attached

When it was my turn to speak I said I didn’t think I got much, but when I went through my list – everything I said resonated with Mittens’ owner. I said, “She thinks she is very beautiful.” And her owner said “I tell her she is all the time.”

Salmon-crunchy – she likes seafood but actually prefers the crunchy kibble

I described her street correctly and Mittens does like to watch the traffic and leaves
I described Mittens’ favorite toy and she does enjoy playing.

I thought Mittens was saying that she is not skittish, but her owner said she is very skittish – so there was a miscommunication there – or perhaps Mittens does NOT think she is skittish.

One of the things Carolyn said is that even if the owner says ‘no, that doesn’t make sense,’ often times it will eventually make sense, the owners don’t know about it yet, or it is the animal’s perspective.

I spoke to Cheryl our chiropractor, who has taken this seminar, and she said I could talk to her male PRT Spot anytime I want – apparently he will talk to anyone. Cheryl said the big thing is you must trust yourself and write down what you are hearing/thinking. She also said it is important to practice.

I think it is really hard for people to trust themselves.


Diana said...

Im not sure how I feel about animal communication. I know someone who does it but Im still not sure if I believe it. But you never know and it cant hurt. And if it will help your dog , then go for it. Diana

Holly said...

I am giddy for you!

I am a "believer" and as you know we are having some sessions with Brandy, as I have had with other dogs here. I may need to take this class sometime.

Katrin said...

Good now maybe you'll listen to Ike more often when he tells you something the 1st time! :-)

Sara said...

How cool. Can't wait to hear about part 2.

101mutts said...

I've always been interested in it and read a book on it. I tried some of the exercises and didn't feel like I got anywhere.

Are there more sessions? I think I saw the website when I was trying to find Aileen's website and something about sessions at TriCounty high school in March.

It's so cool that you're getting something! Looking forward to hearing about the second part.

Dawn said...

I really wish I could get you to chat with Grace. I know she is a talker.

Jules said...

Katrin - Poor Ike, huh? :-) Thankfully I have gotten better about listening to him.

Shaya - yes - I am taking this at the Tri-County Regional HS. And the price is reasonable, I think ($45 + $5 processing fee). I have a book on it too! I asked Carolyn for a reading list and she said she would give us one next week, but she said it is important to do the seminar first so thet you know what it "feels" like otherwise you could have trouble and become discouraged.

Dawn - I need dogs to practice on! Maybe you could e-mail me a photo of Grace and I could try and connect with her!? one of the things Carolyn recommended was practicing and getting confirmation from owners about what you were right about to build your confidence.

Jenn said...

Very cool! Any time you want to practice with Steeler - Feel free! There is a place in West Bridgewater on 104 just off of 24 that has a class I think. And of course whenever I am trying to think of the name of the place it escapes me. Can't wait to hear how part two goes!