Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Bug has been having some issues holding his stay for the repen. he usually breaks when I start fiddling with the gate. Then we have to get the sheep back in position and start all over. I have now discussed it with quite a few people and have some great ideas to work on his down-stay at home and with the sheep.

Last night I started asking for a down-stay when we exit or enter the house. Bug is usually high as a kite at these moments, as a result we already incorporate a "wait" at all doors.

Well, a down-stay is totally different! And let me tell you - I saw Bug acting like he had SHEEP! on the brain, i.e. not wanting to hold his stay. PERFECT!! We will keep working on this and hope to see an impact with the sheep.

I am also going to ask for a down-stay once he has left his crate in the car. THIS will be super hard for Bug. Usually once I put the car in park Bug starts making this terrible high pitched whine I do not hear anywhere else. His "wait" is weakest here and we have fought about it on occasion. Perfect training opportunity!! I think I have identified two moments that closely mimic the excitement of the sheep.

I also have some additional great training ideas to try out.


Nancy said...

Hi Jules,
Give me some ideas too! My husband couldn't believe that Stewie start line stay has gotten so bad. At home I can hardly ever trick him

101mutts said...

Good luck!

It's great that you have an easy way to practice when Bug is at a similar intensity he is with sheep. You don't need to come down here to freak out my sheep to practice! :P

Opie has a horrible no wait getting out of the car. I think it's be better if she cared more about hitting head, like Tom clearly does!

Jules said...

Nancy, Some of the other ideas were. Tossing a toy with your dog on a longline (obviously throw the toy further away than your longline) so they must make the decision to drop into a down and stay before released.

teaching a drop on recall.

Running with your dog and asking for a down while you continue to run.

Adding much more motion as that is usually what causes the break.

Practicing NEAR sheep (I have easy access to llamas, so I will try that).

Practicing with the down at the door is working surprisingly well!

Thanks, Shaya. We'll see if I notice any imporvement this weekend!