Thursday, December 17, 2009

Traveling with Dogs

In April Bug, Ike, John and I plan on traveling to Pennsylvania for the CWCCA Specialty (yay!!). I am wondering what information people typically include or do NOT include on their dog's crate while traveling?

I feel like this is something I should have done in the past given we frequently travel a few hours away (and out of state) for trials. However, this will be our longest, multi-state trip and I want to be prepared.

My thoughts are:
color, weight, height
vet information
my information
alternate contact information (ie: hotel)
photo copies of vaccine records tucked in

Temperament info?

I ordered some engraved signs that say “Dogs are protected by microchip and tattoo” that I will attach to the crates. (I stole that one from Katrin. Thanks, Katrin!)

I think I will be purchasing small locking clasps for when the dogs might be left in the car. Perhaps that is a bit paranoid.

What do you’all have on your crates and what info do you travel with? Do you have any helpful additions?


Dawn said...

On one of the lists I belong to a gal posted a word document car crate emergency card that I really like. It has a photo contact information for both the owner and another person should the owner be unavailable as well as her vet info. Let me know if you want a copy.

Jules said...

Yes, please! My e-mail is juliegp187 (at) gmail (dot) com


manymuddypaws said...

When I flew Wicca to nationals we (well, sarah) made signs for on top of the crate- it had a pic of the dog, age, name, breed, and he flight intinerary- where we were coming from and going too, and what the flight numbers were.

it also had standard contact information. cell numbers, a contact at home...

i don't think you need the vaccine records...unless you are flying internationally they don't really care.

the first time i flew wicca it was pretty stressful, but now that i know what good care they take of the dogs I don't worry as much.

penni said...

For each dog make up a master "lost dog flyers". Put REWARD at the top in large letters then the dog's photo (one that will reproduce), contact information for you -- cell phones are best. The breed of the dog and description (two-year old blue merle male Cardigan Welsh Corgi). Put this document on a little flash drive to keep with you. If the dog should disappear, add where the dog was lost, and you are ready to go to any Kinko's and have flyers printed.

I know that's not what you asked -- it's just a little added precaution that might save some hours if one of the dogs should disappear.

Jules said...

Super ideas. Thank you!

Nancy said...

I have heard that putting "Show Dog" on the crate would tell emergency workers that the dog is valuable and might give it better care.
Also to put on crate that if you are injured, unavailable you give permission to kennel/give dog medical care, and you would guarantee payment.

Diana said...

I also carry the "club" in my car. It locks the steering wheel. We've has a few cases where someone stole the car just to get the dogs when they were stopped at a rest area and resturants. Diana

Jules said...

Thank you guys so much. These are excellent ideas and I wouldn't have thought of them myself.

Red Dog Mom said...

If you are going to bring along a picture(s) of the dog(s), try for a candid and not a show picture. A show picture can mean $$ to some people. I keep a small coupon organizer that I've sectioned w/the dogs names instead and each section has all their info - copies of shot records, registrations, etc. That stays in the car at all times.

Dawn Small said...

Wow. I am NOT a good Girl Scout. I've never really thought about any of this. Either it's my Maine mentality showing through, or I'm not nearly paranoid enough. I best start making a list too!

Dawn said...

I agree with Penni and I do the signs too. When I lost Juni a few years ago trying to put together enough information and photos was really hard. Its much easier to do when you are not in a panic state.

I sent you the crate card, anyone else who wants one, let me know.

Sam said...

You might want to consider bringing copies of the entry forms just in case any one questions you as to where you're going. I don't know if you heard about the people at the JRT Specialty this year who were supposedly interrogated by the cops. There's alternate versions to the story, some saying that there were legitimate reasons for her to be pulled over, but regardless, it can't be a bad thing to have!

Blue said...

Also you might want to include any pertinent medical info. I can't remember if the boys have any food allergies? Or a maybe include a note about Bug's hip? I put info about Iris' meds on her crate inside an envelope so you can't see it from outside the car (I don't want someone breaking into the car looking for drugs).

This and That at Qwaynt Cardigans said...

you want in case of emergency instructions in your car and personel suitcase. Rabies certificate for each dog, which I stapled a picture and their individual information-(microchip, food and any medical info) These are all in a folder in the car and an extra copy of each in the suitcase. We have this when we go to Canada.
A rabies tag and Id tag on each dog to match the certificate and info. I have also always put any food in individual plastic bags with names on the each bags. Each bag was an single feeding. Put feeding instructions in the food container also.
I have never put information on the crates becasue of the chance of someone stealing the dog out of the car, it give the thief more information on the dogs.