Thursday, January 28, 2010

Acupuncture #3

Last night Bug had his third acupuncture appointment. I have to admit I am feeling a bit discouraged. Bug is having a VERY hard time relaxing and Anne feels it is because he is VERY tight and then his nerves make him tighter. She feels he might have a combination liver/spleen thing going on. Liver Qi affects the tendons and sinews. Spleen Qi affects the muscles. She is currently focusing on his iliopsoas and hips.

To be positive yesterday was the first day she was able to put needles in his hips, and Bug was much more relaxed than he has been. However, he is super protective of his rear. Given the ice and slipping I am not surprised that he is tender.

Anne continues to give me lots of food ideas that are influenced by what she feels is going on with Bug. She gave me a recipe for soft pumpkin cookies that break up easily and asked that I reduce the amount of peanut butter Bug is getting.

Finally, while I am feeling a bit discouraged this morning I do know the acupuncture is making him feel better. When we left our appointment Bug was jumping up on me more (sure fire sign he feels great) and when we got home he started tearing around. I need to remind myself to be PATIENT!

Spleen Qi Info: Dominating the Muscles and Four Limbs

The spleen transports and transforms nutrient substances to nourish the muscles. If this function is normal, there will be sufficient nutrition. Any abnormality of transportation and transformation will certainly affect muscle tissue quality. The Suwen records, "The spleen is in charge of the muscles."

The normal movements and functions of the four limbs are also closely related to spleen qi. When there is sufficient spleen qi, the yang qi distributes ample nutrient substances all over the body so that the muscles are well nourished and the four limbs are strong and able to move freely, Otherwise if the spleen fails to transport and transform the yang qi and nutrient substances, there will be malnutrition of the muscles characterized by muscular atrophy, weakness of the four limbs, etc. Therefore, building up the spleen is the usual clinical treatment for wei syndromes of the four limbs.


Sara said...

Do you think Anne would mind if you shared the recipe for the pumpkin cookies? I'd love to make those, as my dogs love pumpkin.

Nancy and Stewie JRT said...

I was thinking the same thing, Stewie would like pumpkin cookies!

Don't get too discouraged.It does take him, I am still going to my chiro for my neck and I feel the same way sometimes.

take care

Jules said...

No problem. I will post it. She said horses really like them too.

Blue said...

It's been two weeks instead of one since Bug's last appointment, hasn't it? Maybe that's a factor in why he's really tender still? The fact that he feels so good afterward is definitely a good sign. Iris whined for a couple of the needles in her back yesterday and she isn't usually bothered by it. But if everything was working perfectly, they wouldn't need acupuncture in the first place.

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