Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Agility Class and Failed Critter Chasing

Last night Bug had agility class. We raised the A-frame some more. No problem says Bug. He flew over it and wanted to KEEP flying over it. We’ve created a monster!! As long as I do not reinforce his self-reinforcing A-frames I think he will recognize that doing equipment all by his lonesome is not much fun. Currently he has a magnetic force that pulls him to the A-frame, but he can be called off it before he gets on it which is awesome.

In the first course we ran there were two places Kathleen suggested I do a wrap with Bug versus a rear cross. Huh, even though I suck at rear crosses I would never have thought of doing a wrap. I have never done a lot of wraps. It worked really well and Bug did really nice tight turns. I think he does learn by osmosis. All weekend I was thinking about upcoming training plans. After we dropped into Katrin’s class and she asked if we had been working on “switch” I thought, “hmm…that’s a great winter training exercise.” So my plan was to work on “tight” and “switch.” What does Bug display last night, but a very nice “tight” for a long-backed dog. Hmmm

Second course had a serpentine (tunnel, jump, jump) that then flipped back and reversed. Bug handled this so nicely. He does not waste ground – he was very economical and quite speedy given it wasn’t a sequence you would think would lend itself to speed.

In general I felt like Bug was faster last night than he has been. I’m not sure if it is related to working on “go” or if he just felt good. I also noticed that I no longer hold my breath when Bug does the tire. Yay! I knew we just needed more exposure to the tire, but it is nice to see him “get it.”

Ike then had an awesome drop-in class. The “go” work is really paying off with him. While Alison was walking the course I practicing “Go” with Ike and oh, my does he love that game. Then we ran the same course Bug ran earlier. Even Ike handled the serpentine with speed.

We had one “c’mon.” Argh! I was so annoyed with myself. In general Ike was displaying a lot of speed for him. 2nd to last run of the night Ike was lolly-gagging the first three-four obstacles. Kathleen asked me to stop and get Ike revved up – then run him. She doesn’t want me to run him at all if he isn’t showing speed. So, I did a few “go’s” and his “ready” which gets him pretty amped and off we went.

I also talked to Kathleen about 2x2s. I think I am going to try them with Bug. My primary reason is it seems like there is less repetition which will be easier on his iliopsoas. I am a bit nervous about it, but I think based on Bug’s structure and what people have said it will be a good fit.

Now the chasing critters part – we pulled into the driveway and I let the boys out of the car off-leash. Bug was on the front stoop and he must have spied a critter. Our driveway runs alongside our house and there is a woodchuck that lives out back. There are 5 cement steps that lead down to the driveway from our stoop. Bug took off after the critter.

What he couldn’t have known is that the stairs were complete ice. He did NOT go @ss over tea kettle. Thank gods! But he did yelp and then had some difficulty jumping up on the bed later. Fortunately we have acupuncture tonight and are seeing Cheryl (chiropractor) afterward (that was supposed to be for me, not him). Between the two he should feel like a new corgi!

Note: I took a major digger at lunch running down the sidewalk with Bug (he's at work with me because we are going directly to acupuncture). I landed flat - face down, ripping my pants, and skinning (badly) my knee and hip. Now I REALLY need to see Cheryl. Fortunately I did not fall and squash the Bug.

We are a pair.


Katrin said...

Glad class went so well! Oi, ouch! Sorry to hear about both of your falls. That's gotta hurt a lot :-(

Diana said...

So sorry about the two falls. I hope you both feel better after your appt. Diana

Sara said...

Ouch! That hurts. Hope you heal quickly.

Your classes sound wonderful.

Taryn said...

I am sorry to hear about your lunchtime fall, it sounds pretty bad. However, your last couple of line mades me snort outloud, no squashing of the Bug!

PS Go with the 2x2's! You'll love them! My boy was weaving 12 poles in no time, probably a total of an hours worth of training. Lightening fast through 'em, too!

Blue said...

Oh ouch! I hope you and Bug both feel better after your appointments tonight.

Glad both boys had a good classes though. Good luck with the 2x2s! I'd be interested in hearing your experience with it. My biggest problem with teaching Iris weaves is lack of space.

Sam said...

A-Frames, tight, and switch. Thanks. All the things *I* need to work on too. LOL.

So sorry about your falls! Hope you're feeling okay.