Wednesday, January 13, 2010

No Class

I have been sick with a cold, so no class last night. John was sick for two weeks and I kept knocking on wood amazed I hadn't gotten sick too. Well, that changed this past weekend! I am hoping for a shorter duration as I am taking all sorts of immune boosters (Lysine, Astragalus, and Vitamin C)

Speaking of immune boosters, I spoke to the homeopathic vet and he recommended the following immune boosters for Ike, in addition to the milk thistle, while he is on the doxy:

IG 2000 DF (Reduces G.I. Inflammation / Lessens Gut Permeability• Immune Support [including during chemotherapy, strenuous physical activity]• Binds and Neutralizes Major Pathogens• Supports Lean Muscle Mass);

Ark Naturals Nu-Pet Wafers (antioxidants, and green food phytonutrients); and

RX Biotics or Probio Defense

Fortunately the doxy does not seem to be disrupting Ike's GI. I am so thankful!!

Tonight Bug has his second acupuncture appointment. Hopefully he will be more relaxed!


Diana said...

Get well soon! Diana

Holly said...

Please feel better quickly!!


Sara said...

I hope you feel better soon. The bugs this year really seem to be lingerers.

Blue said...

I hope you feel better soon!