Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Probiocin (more on probiotics)

A few months ago I did a post on probiotics. I feel like they are an important component of a healthy human and dog supplement regimen, for lack of a better descriptive word.

I received an e-mail from someone in marketing at – would I be willing to try Probiocin and write a post on it?

So, I tried the product.

My boys were already on probiotics, so I did not notice an immediate change in their GI health or bowel movements. However, what I really liked was the ease of using Probiocin. With Culterelle capsules I need to either put it down their throat or open the capsule and mix it in their food; with the jar of powder I need to measure. With Probiocin, the syringe is marked for every gram and you move it as you use it. Super easy!

I have decided I will be using Probiocin when I travel – it is self contained and clearly marked. Given traveling can be a stressful experience for dogs and sometimes the destination holds its own form of stress (trialing for example), continuing probiotic use is really important, imo. I haven’t decided yet regarding everyday use (of Probiocin, not probiotics). I need to do the math and see what it works out to.

I will say that ProbioticSmart currently has a super price on Probiocin - $4.99 and the price goes down the more you order (effective thru 1/31/10 then the price reverts to $7.99). I checked KV Vet, which I consider to be an affordable source of supplies (particularly because they don’t charge shipping for most items), and Probiocin was $8.69. Yikes! Even if you factor in the shipping from ProbioticSmart their current price is still lower.

So, for ease of use I will recommend Probiocin.

I have a super picture of the package they sent, which was individualized for each dog – I will add it later today. They also sent some Probios Dog Treats which the boys gobbled up.


penni said...

I'm glad you liked Probiocin. As you know, I consider the use of Probiocin essential for mom and newborn pups to get them started well. I only use it for stress situations. I love the measured "syringe" -- anything that does not require thought. It's one more thing in our arsenal to keep the dogs healthy.

Jules said...

I agree! and the measured syringe is awesome!

Sara said...

Interesting, especially after just having a dog with diarrhea for 5 days, after we came home from a trip to NJ. Seems like a good thing to have on hand.

Jules said...

Sara, I really think it helps a lot. Ike has had a lot of GI issues and between homeopathy and probiotics I think we finally have him on solid ground 9knock on wood).