Thursday, January 28, 2010

Six Words

The back story: Patricia McConnell just lost her 16 yo Border Collie Lassie. She was reminded of a challenge Ernest Hemingway presented to his friends - write the shortest story possible. McConnell wrote a short story about her Lassie and quite a few people in the blogosphere (or at least the Cardi blogosphere) have joined in writing their own short stories to describe their beloved dogs.

Here are mine. I bet you can guess who they belong to without me telling you.

Family is heaven. Strangers are hell.

Love me. More Toys. No Fighting.


Sam said...

I know who the first one is for, and it applies over here at MargeBlog too..

Nancy and Stewie JRT said...

Run agility, best pal, cuddle bug!

Holly said...

Your six words are so perfect for each one.

Blue said...

Perfect for both boys!

101mutts said...

I really like your six words! You nailed it for Ike. I like the ones with phrases that tell a story better than the lists of adjectives.