Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Toofer Challenge

Yes, I know I owe a blog post on the Novice Distance seminar (which was awesome) - I will get to it...eventually!

I saw on Lindsay's blog that she and her big dogs are taking part in Johann's Toofer Challenge (to promote National Pet Dental Health Month). I remember he ran this last year and did not take part - I think Stewie did if I am remembering correctly. This year I decided I would try to brush my dog's teeth every day during February.

I think the boys are going to kill me!

But seriously, if I can commit to brushing daily for 27 days (since I missed Day 1) it will likely be easier to remember to do it at least once a week the rest of the year.

On a side note I have noticed that by using the Vetzlife Oral Care Spray the minimal tartar on Bug's teeth is scraping off with my finger nail. Thank the dog gods I have a patient dog!

Pictures to follow...


Holly said...

Why do you need to brush if you feed raw? Don't the bones clean their teeth? I try to feed raw chicken bones (finally found backs) once a week for teeth cleaning purposes.

Jules said...

Buggie and Ike's teeth are in pretty good shape due to RMBs, but they do have a tiny bit of tartar. I am just trying to be proactive! I see my in-law's dogs' teeth and cringe!