Monday, March 22, 2010

Rehab Vet Visit

Bug and I saw the rehab vet today. She thought he felt great - very pliable. She does NOT think he should immediately go back to classes. She wants me to work up to it. She said the biggest reason people end up seeing her again is because of the terrible too's - they do too much, too soon.

She is going to speak with the PT and I need to make an appointment with the her (the PT) and discuss what exercises she wants me doing with Bug and also the possibility of cross-training - underwater treadmill and swimming.

I am kind of frustrated. All I want is a time table, but because every dog is different they are really hesitant to give me one.

I spoke to my chiro about it and she said she thought 6 months would probably be realistic. ugh.

I asked about Bug's iliopsoas and how he is stiff after herding and playing with other dogs. She said we can do therapeutic ultra sound (which breaks down scar tissue), but they need to shave in order to do that, so it will be after Bug finishes, if it is necessary.

I will wait until I talk to the PT but it doesn't look like we will be competing at the Specialty. The thing I need to remember is that Bug is young. If I let him heal fully Dr. M sees absolutely no reason he can't go back to herding (I specifically asked because that is one of my top concerns).
Sorry to vent a bit. Every dog is different - you can't say "Oh, Bug will be good to go in 1.5 months." I do realize this. I just wish I had a general idea. However, I might have a more general idea after I meet with the PT.
The upside is that yesterday Bug played like a maniac with a 4 month old puppy - for four hours!! (I have video I will post tomorrow.) He was EXHAUSTED! I did moist heat and ice when we got home and, while he was so tired he could barely move, he didn't seem stiff. AND Dr. M didn't think he was stiff today. She thought he was pliable! That is progress - I will take it.


Sarah said...

i feel your frustration, mine is with my own injury ... i just want to know when i can be normal again ... patience, right. he will get there, you are doing all the right things ... some of which i am doing myself :)

Katrin said...

Yeah sorry Julie they won't give you a timetable. I went through a similar thing with Regal when he injured a shoulder muscle. He was out of commission for nearly a year. There really is no way to tell with injuries as they are all so individual. You just have to take it one day at a time and not push too much. I know that is really hard, especially for you sometimes since you like to have answers and know details and have a set specific plan of action and a course and direction, but such is the nature of the beast. I'm glad that the vet felt he was doing better though!!

Sara said...

I'm glad to hear Bug is doing better. I understand your frustration with the timetable. I feel the same way...when is my dog going to be better???? I need a plan, a goal, and a date! LOL.

Hopefully your PT can give you a better timeframe.

Sam said...

Hey Jules, You were the first one I thought of when my massage therapist said it was Marge's "hip flexor." Is that the same thing as the iliopsoas? Every thing I've read online says that it is, but I may just be misinterpreting.

I'm glad that Bug is starting to feel better! I can't imagine how frustrating it must be to be so touch-and-go for this long! I'm already venting after ONE WEEK, so I can certainly imagine that you need to vent x 100!

Best of luck going forward - I hope his restrictions lift sooner rather than later.

Blue said...

I am really glad that the rehab vet thought he felt good. That is positive!

That is definitely frustrating that they couldn't give you more concrete timetable. It would help to have something to work toward :( I hope the PT can give some more insight.

Still keeping fingers crossed that Bug can get back to herding sooner rather than later.

Nancy said...

Glad to hear the vet thought he was better. Hang in there, it is a slow process. We're thinking of you and Bug!

Diana said...

Im glad things are getting better for Bug. That is frustrating about a time table and a little weird. She could at least give you like between 3-6months but maby that has back fired on her before. Diana

Kathy said...

wow, to be playing like that and not hurting....that is huge.

So sorry about lack of a time frame, I guess we all know why they will not say....but I am with you a general timetable makes it all easier to handle.

I do know when Breeze was healing from her ACL we did the exercises RELIGOUSLY they gave us and no one could believe how fast Breeze healed, and all her measurements and numbers had such a dramatic improvement once the pt could give us exercises, so bet things might start going a little faster once you get some exercises they want you to work on.... I know with Breeze, different dog, different problem but doing the exercises we had HUGE progress by 6 weeks after starting exercises. We were not ready to jump back into training at that time-if I remember correctly it was a little while longer a few more weeks then we got to do small bits of training every other day and it took awhile to build up to more, but giving us the exercises also gave us focus and made the time go faster ;-).

So glad you will eventually get back to herding though--that is a real positive that that will still be in Bug's future, YIPPIE

Hang in there, sounds like you are doing awesome, Bug is a very lucky dog to have someone doing such a good job.