Thursday, April 29, 2010

Battlefield Tour Day 2

MA Memorial

Father Corby

Pennsylvania Memorial
(PA had 34,500 soldiers present during the battle.)
The bronze tablets at the base list the name of every Pennsylvania soldier who was present at the Gettysburg campaign. Each tablet represents a single regiment.

Where's John and Ike?

The battle of Gettysburg sprawled over 25 miles and the land is undeveloped. Monuments, memorials and markers are literally every where. I believe they number in the thousands.


Crazy Cardiness said...

That looks really cool! Thanks for the pics!

penni said...

I so appreciate the tour -- stuck in the wilds of New Mexico as I am.

Kathy said...

wow, that is gorgeous. Have they not developed all that land to preserve the battlefields? Great pictures.

Jules said...

@ Kathy: Yes, the land only contains houses and barns that existed before it was turned into a national park. As a result there is no charge to drive through-out it - because people actually live there. It is really stunning and I swear you can feel the sadness.