Wednesday, April 28, 2010

From Gettysburg to Handling Class

We left sunny, but cool Gettysburg this morning around 10:30 a.m. and headed home. Seven hours later we arrived in rainy MA. Wednesday night is drop-in handling class and I decided before I left if we got back in time I would bring Bug. We arrived home at 5:30, and I needed to leave at 6:30 to make the 7 p.m. class. Okay!

Bug was AWESOME! Multiple times Kerry had positive comments  to share about him. She said she feels like he finally understands handling class isn't agility class. He gaited so nicely for me and his self-stacking has improved a lot! I have also, FINALLY, got the trick for great ears (tossed treat - I know you'all know this, but I am not that coordinated!).

I think because I know I will not be showing him I am much more relaxed which translates to a much more relaxed and happy Bug. I also think the conditioning we are doing with physical therapy can't be hurting Bug's movement.

Kerry would like to see a couple more pounds on Bug, which is a bummer. Part of the problem is he is naked at the moment. I am happy he blew coat now so there is a chance he will be back in coat for the late spring shows.

Class has left me feeling very optimistic - he was SUCH a good boy!

I will post Gettysburg pictures soon - probably tomorrow. I am way too tired to do it tonight! We were able to get a Visions family photo! It was great - there were a lot of Visions dogs around and they all did so well in the respective performance events.


101mutts said...

Yay Bug!

It's interesting that both Bug and Ike did better when you decided you were not competing in the sport.

Missed seeing you at the trial last Saturday. It's so odd going to a NADAC trial without you there!

Kathy said...

Yea, glad you had an awesome class. I am looking forward to seeing the pictures.

Nancy and Stewie JRT said...

Glad to hear you had a great class! It is good he was so happy. You being relaxed makes Bug more relaxed. I know I am a lot more wound up at trials, so Stewie is too. Sometimes a good thing and sometimes not.
Hope to see you guys soon! Going to any agility trials?

Jules said...

@ Shaya: It is interesting, but it is a very different scenario for both dogs. Ike has always done well in class and horrible at trials. For him it has very little to do with me (I am typically not nervous at an agility trial) and everything to do with the pressure of other people and dogs. He really doesn't deal well with that or enjoy it.

In Bug's case it is absolutely my nerves and dislike of handling in general that travels down the leash. He handles very well for anyone else. You're right that in this instance it is me being much more relaxed about the fact that I won't be showing him that helped make last night's class so good.

I can't believe I missed Act-Up's first trial of the season. Such a bummer. Did you bring Tom?

@Kathy: Pictures are coming. It is a daunting task!

@ Nancy: I might bring Bug to some of Addicted's trials just to work on him being around other, fast moving dogs and not getting all wired, but we are still banned from class and trialing. I will be at all the Act-Up trials working, for sure. I am bummed that we missed this weekend with the gorgeous weather!