Sunday, April 25, 2010


We spent yesterday at the CWCCA herding trial at Scarletts Mill in Birdsboro, PA. Wow, the area and the facility are both gorgeous.

Yesterday we had a beautiful sunny day. Kris and Darwin got their first HT leg (got their second today and are now HT titled). Barb and Olivia (Bug's littermate) got their first Started A leg and were also High Scoring Cardigan on sheep, which is very nice.

Apparently both Lulu and Olivia Q'd again today in Started A (Lulu's 1st leg and Olivia's 2nd).

It was really nice to be at a herding trial just watching. I now have no doubts about Bug's ability to do PT. He is definitely ready, once we are physically back where we need to be. The trial was so much more low-key than an agility trial - that I liked a lot! Watching the more advanced dogs was a real treat. Some of them were so steady and even while others were absolutely wild.

Due to the rain we skipped the herding trial today. We thought my little car might get caught in the mud ruts (one of the reasons we are considering a bigger vehicle) and with nasty weather we figured why not head straight for Gettysburg.

We arrived in Gettysburg around 1:30 and checked into the hotel early. Then we went to downtown Gettysburg to have lunch and walk around with the pups. Tonight we will be attending a ghost tour - I can't wait. It is foggy and damp - perfect ghost tour weather!

We plan on trying to do a tour of the battlefield tomorrow and then heading to the Performance Banquet.

Bug and Ike are both enjoying the hotel living, although Ike thinks the Gentle Leader is an unnecessary hardship.


penni said...

Keep having a wonderful time -- and posting for those of use who did not make the trek.

Kathy said...

The ghost tour sounds like a lot of fun, hope you have a good time. You should be closer to me and then Bug and Breeze could do their PT trial together when they are both all physically ready. Very cool to see those dogs you knew, and cool to be able to watch the trials and get a feel for what you are going to do with the PT. Sounds like a great trip so far...although I bet a little less rain would be good.

Crazy Cardiness said...

Thanks for the updates Julie! So glad that you guys are having fun too, do tell how was the ghost tour?