Monday, April 26, 2010

Ghost Tour and Battlefield

Last night's ghost tour was a real hoot. It ended up thundering and lightening during the tour - talk about ready-made ambience! I have to admit I experienced something odd, which I didn't really expect.

We were looking at a small creek bed where many men died and I felt extreme tightness in my chest, almost like I couldn't breathe. I was thinking it was odd when our hostess, "Spooky," said that often times people will experience what the men who died there felt while dying. Since these men not only drowned but where caught in a wooden catch that was designed to catch debris, most people experience a lack of breath and tightness of the chest (read: anxiety and difficulty breathing).

Spooky said to move back if we were experiencing any of those symptoms and the feeling should alleviate. She explained that what I was feeling is what is calling an "emotional response" to what happened there. I moved back, and while I did feel better I felt off for the rest of the tour. It was pretty wild.

Today we stopped at the Gettysburg Battlefield Visitors Center. We purchased an audio tour cd to listen to in the car while we drove from sight to sight. We made it about half-way through the tour today and plan on finishing tomorrow. Both John and I experienced some odd physical sensations at different sites and at one of the tour stops, where we had the dogs out, Bug could not take his eyes off of something neither of us (or Ike for that matter) could see.

I think Little Round Top and the Devil's Den were the two most impressive sights we saw on the tour today. The battlefield is so large, and so many lives were lost there. It is mind boggling. Then there were the many  injuries. Both the audio tour and our ghost tour guide talked about piles of amputated limbs that were multiple feet high. It is hard to believe this occurred only 150 years ago.

We stopped by the Eisenhower Conference Center this morning to pick up our tickets for the Performance Dinner and stop in to see Holly. Apparently all of the dogs thought the flooring in the obedience and rally rings smelled divine. We saw Olivia's obedience run, but missed Holly and Luther's Rally run. They did super, but I will let her share her own good news! I am sure you can guess. :-)

Now the boys are upstairs napping while I use the hotel computer to post this. I have plenty of pictures, but no way to post them yet!


Kathy said...

wow, that must have been freaky to have had that sounds like you are having a blast!

Sara said...

Wow, what a cool experience. I went on a ghost tour in York, England once. It was in the middle of the night, and really creepy, but I don't remember feeling anything, but scared to death!

Elbeepem said...

Eeeekk, sounds like you definitely got the full experience of the ghost tour!

Sigh, the last time Denali thought the floor of the rally ring smelled great she stopped dead in her tracks and attempted to suck up microscopic crumbs from the mat. Needless to say, it did nothing to help our score! Hopefully this wasn't the issue there!