Thursday, April 1, 2010

Physical Therapy

Bug had his first "working" physical therapy appointment today.

We started our appointment with some moist heat and massage. Bug was guarding his right rear leg a bit, but overall Cathy did not think he felt tight. Yay!

Then we introduced Bug to the underwater treadmill. While he was slightly stressed out and giving Eeyore ears, I am/was absolutely amazed by how little adjustment there was. When it first started to move Bug did hug the side, but very quickly he was walking down the center. He took his first treat at a little past the half-way point. Yay Bug!

Once Bug was dried off we did some work on the big red peanut. Cathy bounced the ball while lifting his left rear and right foreleg and vice versa. We noticed that when she did the right rear and left foreleg he did lean into her a bit. Then she asked Bug to sit-stand, sit-stand. Bug thought that was rather exhausting!

After the peanut Bug did some cavelettis. They were set at about 4" and Bug felt very confident he was supposed to speed through bouncing all the way. Cathy did not agree and it took some work to get Bug to do the cavelettis at a slow leisurely pace.

We finished up by icing Bug. Our next appointment is on Tuesday. We will use how Bug felt after this appointment as a gauge for how to proceed. He seems a bit tired, but that's about it. We have appointments scheduled through the month of April. Let's see where it takes us!


Diana said...

Bug looks really good in the UWTM. Diana

Sara said...

Oh, Bug looked so cute in the treadmill.

Oreo has been working sit/stand on the peanut too.

I hope Bug didn't feel too much soreness after the therapy.

Kathy said...

wooo hoooo Bug, and what a BRAVE guy to conquer the underwater treadmill. Good Job Bug PT is a lot of work, and Bug sounds like a troooper

Marlene said...

Bug looks good! When Kody and Sophie walk on the treadmill the PT straddles them and keeps them inthe center and hold the lead straight up. Sophie walks right at the top and Kody has a nice steady gait in the center until his noseness gets the better of him and he looks around and slides to the rear!

Sam said...

The video of him on the treadmill is really interesting. I've only seen them on TV, so it's kind of cool to see a dog I actually "know" on one. To see how he reacted and all. He is a good boy!