Thursday, May 20, 2010

Bug Likes Dobies

RWD today. Bummer. There is always tomorrow.

Kerry said Bug showed really well and that is all you can ask for.

This show is at a campground that has a lake. Bug has been hanging out lakeside in stunning weather. I wish I could join him - without the stress of the dog show of course. Bug is not stressed out at all - he knows his job and he has a new lady-love to distract him.

Corgi surrounded by Dobies

Kerry shows Dobermans and there is a fawn bitch that Buggie is in L-O-V-E with ... that wants NOTHING to do with him. Ha! Unrequited love is tough but at least it is entertaining for the humans.

Meanwhile back in Massachusetts I have a new black shadow named Ike. My little Schnauzer who typically does his own thing and likes his own space was hot on my heels last night. It is sweet to know he loves and misses his bro so much. John is convinced he is worried about the Bug, wondering where he went.

To occupy the Schnauzer's mind I worked on shaping him to scratch a board covered with sand-paper. It was very successful. Ike looked very cat-like; I will have to video tape it. I started working on this at the suggestion of my agility trainer as a different way to do Bug's nails that would also be a fun shaping exercise. When Bug comes home from Maine we will work on it some more.

Tomorrow is a new day with a new judge. Paws are crossed for Bug.


Nat said...

Aww, poor Bug. A corgi and a dobie, lol, what a great match :) I've heard of using a sandpaper-covered board for doing the nails, but have never tried it! Good luck tomorrow.

Holly said...

These boys and their red heads! Reminds them of their Vizsla mum. Luther had a standing in season Vizsla as his "teaser" when we shipped swimmers earlier this week. The boys must be in their glory with their tall women.

Lani said...

Good luck tomorrow, Bug!

If nothing else, he's having a nice beach vacation with his tall, svelte "girlfriend." ;)

Dawn said...

I will start the BUG Bug chants here and hopefully some of the good thoughts will reach the judge.

Kathy said...

I have seen that trick for doing nails but have never tried it myself, what a great idea. Bug looks like he likes his vacation and being pampered for the ring.

101mutts said...

I'll be curious to hear if the sand paper board works. Sounds like it would take a while to get very far but maybe not. That would be a good way to get Tom's nails done. Too bad for Bug he didn't finish the title.