Friday, May 28, 2010


Bug had physical therapy last night. We did massage and stretching, under water treadmill, and of course Bug’s favorite, swimming!

Cathy thought Bug’s back and hips felt great. Hooray! She also commented that he is moving much looser when he gaits. Yes! I know that Kerry, the handler, has noticed this, too. Hopefully the judges next week will like what they see.

We have increased the length of time Bug is on/in the UWTM and the number of laps he is doing. While Bug hates swimming, the itern commented that he is one of the strongest swimmers she has seen at Sterling. He is much less stressed while doing it (and I have some video from last night to prove it). I will post it later.

Bug’s coat is coming in and is feeling quite plush. Both Cathy and the intern commented on it, so outside sources have confirmed he has more coat. Yay!! The only thing I am left hoping is that I can get away with not doing his nails again before this show. Paws are crossed. Cathy is helping me work on Bug’s foot aversion, touching his feet while the dremel is in the room (gasp). I have been working on touching his feet at home, but I don’t feel like we are really getting anywhere. Time will tell.


Kathy said...

Yea Bug, how cool, lately it sure seems all the news has been good-that is so fantastic! Good job on keeping on the nails training, things that take a long time like that are HARD to just keep chipping away with, I personally wish everything could have a quick fix, hahahaha, well, maybe not but it sure would be fun if it was all easier with things like getting dogs to like getting their nails done.

Elbeepem said...

Didn't I send you my procedure for desensitizing in order to use a dremel tool on the nails? It really works, but you do have to do it consistently.

If not, write to me and I'll send it to you.

Kathy M.

Jules said...

Hi Kathy, you did send it and we are working it – I am just discouraged because we do not seem to be making a lot of progress…yet.