Monday, July 5, 2010


It is hot....really, really hot. Stifling one might say.

I took the boys wading because it is so darn hot.

I didn't get any great shots of Bug, but this picture of Ike is priceless. Ike is not a huge water-luvin' Schnauzer. It took me a long time and lots of treats to convince him he could wade into a kiddie pool without melting. This is the deepest he has ever ventured in water!

Meanwhile, I maintain that Bug must dress up a a shark for next Howl-o-ween. All he needs is the fin and the outfit would be complete.


Blue said...

It has been so hot this weekend! The boys both look happy with their swim.

Kathy said...

Oh my gosh, priceless, that is just too cute!

Sara said...

Looks refreshing!

Crazy Cardiness said...

Boys look like they are really enjoying the water! What a nice way for Bug to celebrate his Ch!