Thursday, August 26, 2010

Big Improvement!!

This morning Ike requested to come up in the bed with a bark, i.e. he displayed typical "Ike" behavior (Ike doesn't like to jump up on the bed if Bug is already up there). When I got up he was wagging with only a slight limp and very eager for his walk. One might say he looked perky! Especially if you were comparing it to yesterday's behavior.

He took his 3rd dose of doxy with breakfast and I will call the vet as soon as they open to get in today and have bloodwork done. Although he could very easily just be reinfected with Lyme or having a Lyme flare-up I really want to test for the other TBDs to be safe. I know doxy is still the normal course of action for most if not all TBDs, but I want to know what we are treating for sure.

It is amazing how much more we know about Lyme. I remember when Ike was a 1 year old we had to fight with our very old-school vet to get him to test him for Lyme. In 8 years the awareness of TBDs in dogs has increased dramatically.

I will update after the vet visit, but I feel a lot better just seeing Ike be able to walk more normally. Thank you for all the positive energy and advice. I appreciate it.


Holly said...

Thank goodness! So happy to read Ike is better!

Nancy and Stewie JRT said...

Glad to hear he is so much better!

Sara said...

Whew! Thank goodness for antibiotics.

I'm so glad happy Ike is back!

Taryn said...

So glad his is feeling better! Hard to imagine a tick bite could make him so lame, so fast, but I guess it affects each dog differently. I so wish that once they caught Lyme and got treated, it would give them immunity. Lyme just seems to keep coming back, or getting re-infected. With RMSF, once you recover, your bodies has antibodies.

Dawn said...

Hope he is even better now. I hope the vet was able to reassure you today. Been thinking good thoughts for you all.

Kathy said...

wow, that is a post that was a JOY to read, glad he is looking better already. I guess we dont have many ticks in the desert but we get them in spurts, so when there are a lot of ticks it usually catches us unaware, and until recently I just never knew how many dogs get TBD's. Hope you have a good vets appointment and so glad there is BIG IMPROVEMENT