Thursday, August 5, 2010

Crazy Course!

Tuesday night Ike and I had agility class. The course was INSANE. Apparently course design is on a rotating schedule – each instructor takes a month. This month, the instructor designing the courses trials heavily in AKC and international competitions and the courses reflect that. I didn’t even bother drawing the course – it seemed difficult enough to remember it without trying to sketch it too.

Surprisingly running it was not as difficult as expected. However I was running somewhat hesitantly because I strongly suspected Ike was out of alignment.

Twice over the weekend I witnessed him make very poor jumps that he would not normally make – once getting into the car he totally missed and once trying to hop up on the couch. He recently lost his pelvis and we were supposed to have a follow-up adjustment but missed it due to DJ’s vet visit and now the chiro has some family stuff to deal with and isn’t available. So, Ike has either knocked his pelvis out again or his sacrum is out. I am leaning toward sacrum because of the jumping.

I asked Kathleen to watch us closely when we ran our first run. Ike did not want to jump, his dogwalk which has consistently been rocking was slow, and he popped out of the weaves. Yup – he is out of alignment!

I debated going home and scrapping the rest of the class, but Kathleen suggested since Ike was very up and happy that we run and just place the bars on the ground and skip the weave poles. I decided not to do any more contacts because Ike’s performance was much slower than usual and I didn’t want to reinforce that in any manner.

I am glad we stayed because Ike was VERTY happy to run through jump stanchions and play with me and we got a sweet rear cross in!


Sam said...

Ah, international style courses. They scare me!

If there was ever a good time for Ike's body to go out of whack, perhaps this was it.. I know I'm not a fan at all of the Int'l stuff.

Sara said...

I love running the international class. Not so sure I'd like to see it in competition! LOL.

Hey, you've had a lot of consistent "happy Ike" posts. That's great!

Kathy said...

GOOD job being in tune to see the alignment was off. Sounds like that was a GREAT way to see get some work in and yet not hurt Ike, that was a great idea!

Kathy said...
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