Sunday, August 29, 2010

Hamburger and Rice

Ike update - he is no longer lame. Hooray!! However, he very obviously still does not feel good. He is hanging out on the futon in our living room curled up in a tight little ball almost all the time.

Friday night he puked up his meal about a half-hour after his dinner. Fortunately my vet's office is open until 7pm on Friday. I called to find out if I should re-dose him with doxy (even though I knew his tummy must be feeling sensitive if he puked). Thankfully they said no. They did suggest I give him 5 mg of Famotidine (active ingredient in Pepcid AC) a half-hour before he eats and then give him the doxy a half-hour after he eats.

I tried this Saturday morning with success - or so I thought. When the vet's office called to check in on him I told them he seemed fine (in terms of the puking). We had a 1:30 chiro appointment and after Ike was adjusted he puked up his undigested breakfast. :-( Cheryl, our chiro, joked that's what happens when you adjust digestive points. We did those points again and were on our way.

Ike was obviously brighter eyed after his chiropractic appointment, but he is just not feeling great. I have decided we will skip agility class on Tuesday. He might feel better by then but I think he needs to feel GOOD for a few days before going to class.

I have an appointment with the CVH on Monday and I have scheduled two acupuncture appointments for Ike with Buggie's acupuncturist, Dr. M. I am hesitant to let this bout of Lyme (if that is all it is - we'll know Monday if he tested positive for RMSF too) go with just doxy. The way Ike presented with such acute lameness makes me very uneasy, combined with the fact that he still doesn't feel good days after starting doxy.

Once he has finishes the doxy I plan on treating the Lyme homeopathically - assuming we can do that. Dr. F gave me an earful about how the doxy is just causing the Lyme to hide deeper - I do personally agree with this, but given the acute lameness and pain he was in I could not in good conscience treat him only homeopathically. I know acupuncture is VERY helpful with both immune related issues and inflammation, since Ike is dealing with both hopefully acupuncture will give his system the boost it needs.

While this isn't life threatening I would appreciate you keeping Ikey P in your thoughts.


Diana said...

Poor Ike and Poor you. Do you think the pain medication is upsetting his stomach? Or is he done with that. I hope he feels better soon. Diana

Jules said...

Hi Diana,

The vet only prescribed 2 days worth of deramaxx - so his last dose was Thursday evening. I wonder if it could have had a lingering effect though - I know the vet said it could cause diarrhea.

Jenn said...

Poor Ikey! The doxy could also upset his tummy I would think? You could also ask your vet for Trammadol (I think that is the spelling) instead of duramaxx - That is what I used when Steeler went through the window instead of an NSAID.

I understand what Dr F is saying - but sometimes you need to treat the acute symptoms first - then worry about the possible fallout.

Healing thoughts headed your way!

Sara said...

I know the doxy did a number on my stomach when I had lyme. I had to take an anti-naseau pill along with it. It is powerful stuff.

I hope he starts to feel better soon. I know how hard it is to see your dogs suffering. Heartbreaking.

Jules said...

It could be the doxy - his system might be handling it differently this round. He has never had a problem with it before (treated 2x previously for Lyme). Of course, he never had the acute lameness before either!

Kathy said...

Oh my gosh, I feel so bad for you, I am definitely keeping you guys in my thoughts and has to be so hard to see Ike feeling like this. Hope the test results come in early tomorrow and at least give you some answers about what is going on, poor little guy....Kathy

Dawn said...

The poor boy, he just keeps getting hit with this. I am so sorry. Hugs to both of you.

Blue said...

Oh poor Ike! How scary! Sending lots of positive thoughts that he starts feeling better soon.