Thursday, August 19, 2010

He's Back

Ike had agility class on Tuesday night and oh what a difference being in alignment makes. Lots of speed from my little black dog. The first time he hit the table he slid right off it!

The course was not bad. I struggled with what to do between 7 and 8. I intended to do a rear cross between 8/9, but after talking to Kathleen opted to do a FX before 8.

The weave poles to teeter was awkward, but I cheated and used that opportunity to reward Ike for repeatedly awesome weaves. I was ahead of him jogging and he was diligently weaving. He’s getting much better at taking weaves at speed and continuing them with more independence.

I then started from the table to the teeter. We did have teeter issues all night. The first time Ike didn’t realize it was the teeter or was just moving too fast. He was just about at the end before it had even started moving. Very scary for both of us. I immediately put him back on it and he did it very cautiously. DRAT. There must be a middle ground.

He also slipped on the teeter twice. Slipped! Twice! I find that really odd. I am not sure why it happened (it occurred at about the tip point) but it did freak him out. I know there is some resistance to a rubber teeter from people who’s dogs slide and ride the teeter down, but personally I would prefer it.

Overall it was a good class – the scary teeter was balanced by having an engaged dog and awesome weaves. Obviously we will have to work on the teeter and table at home so Ike stops flying off them! And in the case of the table, stops popping up from his down!


Katrin said...

Sounds like you had a great class despite the teeter issues. I agree, rubber is safer for traction!

Sam said...

Glad that Ike is back in working order. Wish you had a video of him sliding off of the table!

Kathy said...

I LOVE rubber, I wish our local club would get it but they are very resistent ;-). Most of the trials have the rubber, and my dogs do a sliding teeter but I still wish it was there at class, we just have to make our adjustments but it is so much safer for everyone. Yea for Ike being back working in class, that has to be sooo cool!

Sara said...

Yay Ike!

Our school is in the process of switching all their equipment to rubber. So far, the table, teeter and dogwalk have been rubberized (is that a word?). I love it. I hear people who teach their dogs a sliding teeter don't. I guess you can never please everyone.

Nat said...

Maybe Ike slipped off the teeter because of the weirdish angle? I'm glad he was so speedy though and that there were lots of great parts about the class!

Sara said...

I came across this video on youtube. I thought you might get a kick out of it, since you have a corgi. I found it hysterical.

Jules said...

Sara, My husband and I were just dying laughing watching this. Thank you for sharing!

Diana said...

Im so glad you had a good class with Ike. I watch the video sara sent you. Too funny!
I tried to open the link you gave me for US and laser for muscle injury but it said the page couldnt be found. Diana