Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Ike Update

the sickie

There has not been a big improvement in Ike from this morning. Ike did not move until I came home, when he greeted me on three legs. He is licking the left paw but I cannot find any abrasion or sign of injury. I think he is licking it purely because it hurts. He is less roach backed.

When I got home we took the boys for a "walk." We carried Ike outside and set him down. He hobbled two steps and stared at us plaintively. John carried him to some of his favorite marking spots and Ike went to the bathroom. The first time he tried to lift his leg he just about fell over. I told him he might have to squat like a girl (or a certain corgi I know).  Ike held his urine from 8:30 p.m. last night until 5:00 p.m. this afternoon. That's insane. I don't think I could hold it that long.

I am praying that there is a big improvement tomorrow morning. Question to anyone who has dealt with extreme lameness as a result of TBD before.... When your vet says there will be a dramatic improvement in 24 hours do they mean the lameness will be gone or should I just expect Ike to be less lame (assuming we are dealing with a TBD)? I know with Bug I definitely saw increased energy and spunky-ness within 12 hours of his first dose of doxy, but I have never had a dog present with such extreme lameness before and I have no idea what to compare it to.


Taryn said...

My dogs have both had Erlichia, both had RMSF, and Wilson also had Lyme more than once. I've never seen such extreme symptoms as Ike has, thank goodness. Fatigue seemed to be the worst of it. The doxy helped but it took several days, definitely not overnight.

And, lucky me, I've had Lyme the last 3 summers, and got RMSF this summer! Never had any symptoms at all from RMSF, but definitely knew when the Lyme hit as it hurts my neck, shoulders, and knees. I so do HATE ticks!

Wishing Ike a speedy recovery!

Elbeepem said...

Sounds like he may have pulled something in agility? If this is the case, getting him on prednisone, sooner rather than later could be critical to his recovery if there is some nerve damage. (Speaking from experience with my little Pembroke.)

Not sure I'd wait much longer to seek veterinary opinion. If he is in that much pain getting something to relieve it (tramadol?) seems the thing to do.

Crazy Cardiness said...

Poor guy! You should see at least a 50-70% improvement from the way he was before. It doesn't sound like that now... If he's no better by morning I'd get him to the vet. Dogs with back pain will hold urine a long time since they have to use muscles closely associated with the back to urinate. We will continue our prayers for Ike to make a speedy recovery!

101mutts said...

I hope Ike is back to normal very soon! Paws crossed.

Mango said...

I would go back to the vet. I've dealt with TBD three times in my various dogs, one of whom could not walk at all when he went in and all of them showed significant improvement in aches and pains and limping within 24 hours. Sounds like something else is going on (and I never had a pee problem).

Fingers crossed for good news.

Mango Momma

Diana said...

Oh no poor Ike. Diana

Sara said...

I hope you see a change this morning. You must be extremely worried.

I'll be thinking about you.

Nancy and Stewie JRT said...

Hope you see some improvement in Ike soon, poor guy. I will be sending healing thoughts his way.