Wednesday, September 8, 2010

good news, perhaps?

I spoke with DR. F yesterday (CVH). I now understand his resistance to the acupuncture better. Although he personally feels you shouldn’t do the two modalities at once it is not that they cannot work together. He is afraid it would muddy the water; we would be unsure of whether improvements should be attributed to the acupuncture or the remedy. Yes, that makes perfect sense.

We decided to take Ike off the doxy; he has been on it a total of 12 days. He has been miserable-miserable-miserable. Antibiotics can impact how well a remedy works. At this point I just don’t feel like traditional meds are the way to go. The poor dog’s C6 levels have DROPPED, for goodness sake.

Dr. F feels Ike’s decision not to eat on occasion and refusal of treats and Nu-Pet chews (which he previously saw as a treat) is indicative of an appetite issue and an important thing to track.

When I last did any “training” with Ike (8/31 – I only brought him out to humor him because I was working Bug) – he quit after 5 minutes and wanted to go inside. That was unusual. Dr. F asked me to work with him yesterday before re-dosing him with the belladonna to get an idea of his current energy level.

Ike would not finish his meal last night, nor did he want the Nu-Pet Chews (again, I cannot stress how unusual this is for Ike). He was, however, more than happy to work as long as I wanted to work.

I did not give him his evening doxy and dosed him with the belladonna after working. This morning I dosed him again with the belladonna before our walk, per Dr. F. Interestingly he gobbled up the Nu-Pet chews and cleaned his plate. Could be the lack of doxy, could be the remedy. I know I was on strong antibiotics a few months ago for a staph infection – the stomach issues lingered after finishing the antibiotics. Of course, I am not a canine so it might be different.

For now we are going to see how Ike does with the remedy. Once we see where he is and whether he is making improvement we will either tweak the remedy choice or start the LD Support. I also scheduled a vet visit to do a SuperChem.

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