Sunday, September 19, 2010


Maybe Bug is trying to give me a nervous breakdown? : )

The limp does not look as bad today. Yesterday we saw the chiro. Cheryl could only discern that his tricep and behind his shoulder blade were tight - other than that he was totally in alignment. She thought he might have a slight sprain. She did a tune up and you could see the muscle in his shoulder release.

I spoke to the vet and she recommended ice and NSAIDS. Since I do not have NSAIDS for pups on hand we are doing Traumeel (which I am more comfy with anyway). Vet appointment tomorrow for both the boys!


Sara said...

I hope it is good news at the vet for you tomorrow. You've had a rough few weeks.

Blue said...

Keeping fingers and paws crossed that both boys start feeling better.

Diana said...

I hope everything goes well tomorrow. Diana

Kathy said...

I hope the vets appoint. goes well tomorrow...we will keep our fingers crossed