Sunday, September 12, 2010

Mindful Romp and Ikey P Update

Yesterday morning Bug and I joined Katrin and James at our second Mindful Romp. We were the only students! Talk about lucky - we had a private yoga lesson with our pooches and the weather was gorgeous!

I really, really like the instructor - and not just because she is a dog lover. She is an excellent "teacher." I commented that I really appreciate the constructive criticism she gives on our postures and the information about why it is important to do the postures correctly. She replied that she is a "teacher" and that there is a difference between "leading a class" and "teaching a class." I could not agree more.

I have attended a few different yoga classes throughout my life, begining in high school. I had one really good teacher, similar to Roz (teacher of Mindful Romp), and then a bunch of people who just led large classes. You see it in canine training classes, too; some trainers are excellent teachers and others just lead the class.

We will be moving on the date of the next Mindful Romp so we won't be able to attend, but I will definitely attend any future classes she holds. In fact, once the move is complete I think I will try to join one of her classes for "just humans."

Bug came home from yoga and proceeded to take a deep nap. It's funny how tiring he finds it even though he does very little during the class! I know it is still a stimulating environment for him and his "mum' is repeating odd postures!

On the Ike front, once I switched him to the homeopathic remedy I saw a huge improvement in his overall behavior within 24 hours. He has continued to have more energy and his appetite has returned with a vengeance!

We will touch base with Dr. F on Wednesday and refine how we will continue going forward. I am so relieved. I wish I hadn't waited so long to switch to the homeopathic remedy, but it was a hard decision. I will be very curious to see what his C6 levels are in 6 months. I have no doubt they will have dropped even further.

Now the question I bring him to class on Tuesday? He has a lot more energy and is acting much more like his normal self. However, he is still licking his left foreleg and right rear foot slightly. The left foreleg is the leg he was non-weight bearing on and the right rear leg is the leg Dr. M thought he was stiff in. The licking indicates he might still be feeling some pain (esp. since he is only licking the two legs he showed pain in during the acute onset) which causes me to lean toward skipping class again. I will see what he (Ike) thinks tomorrow.


Kathy said...

The mindful romp and the yoga really sound nice. I used to go to a yoga class and really enjoyed it. I am glad Ike feels better...geeze I dont know what I would do about class on tuesday...hope that decision becomes easier like you said watching him for the next day..

Katrin said...

Honestly Julie, I would personally not even thing twice about not going to class on Tue. If he's still favoring that leg even a little, why have him do agility and be slow about it? He's been the speedy schnauzer lately, but if he's hurting or feeling even a little off, he'll slow down, and do you really want to start reinforcing that? I wouldn't. There is no reason to rush getting him back into a class. I'd give him at least another week off.

Thanks again for going to the class with me! Had a great time!

Jules said...

Yeah, I am leaning toward no at the moment. Unless he stops cthe licking completely. I do not want the slow schnauzer visiting for an extended period of time!!