Monday, September 27, 2010

Recalls and x-pens

Yesterday I practiced restrained recalls with the boys in my in-laws' back yard. They have a very large back yard, BUT it is on a main street. Scary! There are lots of distractions and it has the potential to be dangerous. I am looking forward to being able to practice (safely) in the woods behind my new house. 

Ike was a joy to watch run the length of the yard. He is not an economical mover. He leaps and prances, but the joy is plain to see. He loves to work - no matter what we are doing.

Bug is a little torpedo....when he is coming to me. It quickly became very apparent we need to build value in John. Bug was not 100% convinced he needed to "come" to John. Bug did some sight seeing and squirrel chasing when it was John's turn. We will definitely be working on this some more.

And voilĂ  ....the x-penned bed. Ike has already hopped it going up, not down. Bug hasn't yet - he has been very respectful of the x-pens. I hope that trend continues!

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Kathy said...

hahahaha, love the xpen bed!!! You have it set up very nicely. I did find I had my xpen around the bed for a long time and I did do some shaping with goiing down the steps and the dogs still go down the steps more often then not even with the xpen gone, guess they got used to it. I was happy about that. Good job!!!