Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Something I Liked

Since the CU class was not the best fit for me and Bug I feel like I wasn't that positive in writing about the experience. So, here is something I did like about the class.

At the start of each class S, the trainer, reminded us to think about how our dog had spent their day, how much exercise or lack of exercise they had, and to be mindful of how these things would impact their behavior and attention at class.

This is a very simple thing, but I think it is important and often overlooked.


Kathy said...

That is such a good point. Suprisingly Susan Garrett talked a lot about that in her distraction webinar and reminded us that you need to be paying attention to if your dog gets enough exercise if you want to work on your relationship, or recall, or having trouble with your dog being distracted.

Taryn said...

So many issues with dogs revolve around whether they have had enough exercise and mental stimulation. Of course, the catch-22 is, the more you exercise your dog, the more exercise they need to produce the same relaxed dog :-) Fitness levels ramp up, and they could go all day! I definitely see a huge difference in ability to work when Jimmy (especially) has had no exercise vs. his usual 3-4 miler in the morning. Unfortunately, to get home in time for agility class, I have to forego the long morning walk, so the "wildman" is the one who goes to class with me!

Sara said...

Sometimes I pay $100 for a seminar, and I get only one useful thing out of it. I always think....was that worth the 100 bucks? LOL.

I'm glad you found something good out of the experience!

Exercise does make a huge impact in a dog's life.

andrea said...

what a great tip :)

Sept is a brutal month for me - my dogs go from working with me and being with me ALL day .. walking a minium of km a day off leash to being crated 7 or 8 or ocassionally more hours in a day .. I HATE it - I can only imagine how much they must hate it ... :(