Thursday, October 14, 2010

EPI Research

EPI, Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency, is the inability of the pancreas to manufacture and secrete the necessary enzymes required by the body to digest food. Dogs literally starve even though they are eating. Although it is a treat-able condition it is often misdiagnosed initially.

My friend Ann's service dog Partner (LR) was diagnosed with EPI. Someone I know via agility has a young EPI Border Collie. Both dogs are leading full and happy lives – since their diagnosis.

Please vote (daily) to help fund research to identify the genes that cause EPI:


Red Dog Mom said...

My mom's Cardi, Oda Mae was diagnosed w/it earlier this year. It took several vet visits and a lot of tests to figure out what was going on but she's doing great now.

Taryn said...

I also know of a Cardi with it. And it runs rampant in GSDs. There is a Yahoo group dedicated to it, and they group together to buy the food additive that is needed, thereby getting a huge volume discount.