Wednesday, October 20, 2010

vewy vewy quiet

Things are not quiet at my house actually – there is more noise and cursing than usual at my house. We are in the process of moving. The septic was completed and approved by the Board of Health yesterday. The closing will be scheduled for Friday or Monday. Yahoo! The move will follow immediately.

Packing and planning has been fairly all-consuming. Ike has continued to recover from the latest bout of Lyme. It has been a fun experience in watching homeopathy cause symptoms to rewind. We had some GI upset followed by some pimple like bumps (curative eruptions as Dr. F likes to call them) that wept, scabbed over, and healed. Once we move I will re-enroll him in agility classes. He is ready to go back to work given he has jumped the 32” baby gate three times in the past week and a half.

We have been doing more off-leash hiking which gives me an opportunity to work on recalls and build Bug up. I have discovered that his recall is pretty good unless there is a liver flat coated retriever involved. If there is a FCR involved Bug’s brain disappears and all that matters is chasing the flat-coat.

I found that Bug can do a half-hour hike chasing critters and running like a maniac but not an hour hike chasing critters and running like a maniac after a FCR. He was sore after the hour hike which made me very sad and caused me to question everything. I will say even though he LITERALLY got stuck in the mud (how funny is that although I think it contributed significantly to the soreness) he did NOT lose his pelvis…which….is pretty damn amazing for a short, long-backed dog.

I spoke with Bug’s physical therapist and she suggested a once a month visit – especially during the winter months. She said she finds between ice and snow long-backed dogs often hurt or strain themselves during the winter.

Once the move is complete I am looking forward to starting Bug back herding. We will see how he does physically with that and then we’ll think about agility classes!


Kathy said...

WOW, I can not imagine all the things you have to do with a move, but how exciting. Glad things are going well, have fun and hope everything goes smoothly.

Taryn said...

Congrats on your new home! Look forward to seeing some pictures.

teri said...

I wish I had a PT for Gimli in Maine...where in MA is your PT?