Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving, Games, the Cluster

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. We did! Pups were happy to be gifted with small pieces of turkey and humans were happy to indulge.

We had five dogs for Thanksgiving: Ike, Bug, Nellie (my mum's dog), Carmie, and Joey. They took their job of watch dogs very seriously!

All five dogs tried the Magic game. Ike loves it but thinks it is old hat at this point. We need to purchase the next game up or borrow Katrin's. Bug FINALLY figured it all out!! Yay, Bug!! It took about 5 - 6 times before the light switch flipped. I am very curious as to how that will transfer to a new game with different challenges. 

Joey and Carmie were very stumped by it, but Nellie surprised us all. Nellie is a very nervous dog, she was not socialized properly and it sounds like she basically came from a puppy mill. My mother rescued her via CraigsList from a well meaning, but inept (dog-savvy-wise), family. She has come a great distance and she is fairly comfortable at my in-law's house (where we had Thanksgiving). In addition at some point in Nellie's life someone obviously used food to catch her - she is incredibly leery of her food dish and where people are 5 years later.

None-the-less I asked her to try and play this game in a small room crammed with people and -

She rocked the game!! she used her nose, her paws, and her teeth to remove the bones. Other than Ike she is the fastest dog I have seen play the game. I was really happy that she had enough confidence to try the game and that she was so successful. We decided it must be the poodle in her! ; )

Saturday Katrin and I went to the Cluster to watch the Cardis and shop. Bug's littermate Star was WB for a 4 point major! She looked lovely. It's funny because she is such a peanut compared to Bug and Luther.

We also go to meet Teri in person and see baby Brees. Oh my goodness, what a nice dog he is.

We found some great deals on treats. This year in addition to the Bravo! booth there was an Oma's booth and a Victory Raw Food booth; both of which are local raw suppliers. Other than treats I did not do much shopping, but the dogs can attest I found some great items - smoked pig esophagus anyone?

All in all it was a lovely day of shopping and visiting with dog friends.

Bug has a herding lesson scheduled for the 4th. I will have to see what D's schedule looks like for the rest of December. Now I believe it is time to get the boys back in class and get back to training.


Sara said...

I laughed at the dogs standing on the back of the couch. Good to know my dogs aren't the only ones who do that (my poor couch, no human can sit in it anymore, the cushions are so bent out of shape!).

Glad you had a happy Thanksgiving!

Bug is going to herd again? Yay!

Garrett808 said...

hey have you done any health tests on Bug? I'm curious if you and Holly will have him available for stud? :)